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When the Seasons change and winter it becomes spring and spring to summer it brings with it a beauty that is never matched however with their beauty comes those everyday pests called flies. It has always been a wonder how flies appear literally out of thin air whether you be cooking you’re having that relaxing Sunday braai I’m starting to set the food on the table how the Flies suddenly appear.

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We at Fly Control Jet Park have managed perfect a system that will suddenly make the Flies disappear from your home in no time at all giving you the freedom to continue to enjoy the warm spring and summer months without the irritation are flies being a nuisance.
With a proven fire control methods Fly Control Jet Park are able to keep your home and entertainment areas fly free for weeks at a time with non-hazardous products that we safe for both your family and pets.

Fly Control, Jet Park
Fly Control, Jet Park

At Fly Control Jet Park, We have found that nature has its own fly control methods that we are able to bring into your home to rid it all fly irritations and to minimise or completely stop their ability to breed and multiply in your home and causing a massive infestation, by using these methods we can give you the hassle free spring and summer months that you so deserve and can enjoy without have to contend with a multitude of flies being everywhere at once or even having to consider using those often dangerous fly sprays or fly traps that can lead to both injury as well as becoming a major health hazards for you and your children and pets.

Fly Control Jet Park we can assure you that there is no worry or concern that your children or pets may accidentally swallow or inhale it toxic fly repellent chemical that many have done before giving you that piece of mind to know that your family and Pets are safe and flies are no longer an issue to contend with in any way even when the rains come and most other fly repellents get wash away, Our products are known to stay and last no matter what the weather does and providing you with that reassurance that those pesky flies are gone for good cause if nature can do it can so can we with the safe and proven methods that we have come to use at all our clients homes insuring that they and their pets also do not get bitten by some species of flies that like to invade in the hot months and are almost too much to bear.

Fly Control, Jet Park
Fly Control, Jet Park

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So look no further that Fly Control Jet Park for all you fly control needs, Questions and answers so we are the only fly control company that know how important your summer is to you and your family without being invaded by all those pesky flies day and day out for months on end.